About our Company

Being the Owner/Founder, emotion plays a huge role. The company is your baby, and your actions are directly responsible for its health and well being. Every setback is that much tougher, but every win is that much sweeter. So you get bogged down in the day-to-day details. Every move is about survival.

When I started ECM as a small mill work and fabricator in 1988, I realized how much difficult  it is to focus on the big picture, the ability to step back, analyze what’s been done, and think about how to make improvements and growth. Today, it has become much more easier to me due to the highly qualified experts in my team, many of whom have been with me over 25 years with sincere loyalty and passion to succeed!

A buyer works ON the business. A founder works IN the business. It’s an important distinction, a macro versus micro approach. I want to build my business as big as I can, as fast as I can, but it takes time and dedication and more importantly have the drive, passion and dedicated team  to succeed.

With 25 years expertise in the mill work/custom fabrication industries surrounded with highly skilled and qualified professional team, the goal is to figure out how to succeed in the big leagues starting from humble beginnings in 1988 with a total of 2,000 square feet to over 40,000s square feet modern facility offering a wide variety of custom products and services to many industries. I am proud of my team that stuck with me through tough times over the years and have grown ECM to what it is today. Without my team, I certainly will not be offering these wide variety of services and proud to say to my valued customers and potential customers “WELCOME to the ECM family. I assure you that you will get the best design and build on budget, on-time, best quality  and experience”      LETS GROW TOGETHER IN PARTNERSHIP!

At ECM, we continually strive and is mandated to be the F-I-R-S-T by:

Facilities and personnel attire – professional, clean, tidy and appropriate
Issues, questions, concerns from clientele are immediately handled the same day
Recognize and respect clients with professionalism and courtesy
Smile for every client and always ask how you can help in any way to build a healthy relationship and partnership
Thank each and every client genuinely and unconditionally for their business and trust in ECM

AT ECM: “We make waves, not ride it”, by being creative and delivering top notch modern designs, superb engineering and manufacture, quality, on-time delivery, on-budget at the best price and experience to our valued customer in “partnership”.

To my valued customer: THANK YOU for your support over the years that has made ECM of what it is TODAY!

Yours in Partnership, Amarjit Shanker